Optimization, Dynamic programming

Mémoire de DEA (1998) under the direction of Claude Lemaréchal at the Research Center of EDF-Clamart on Non-differentiable optimization: test of the disaggregated bundle method 

On temporal aggregators and dynamic programming (with Philippe Bich and Jean-Pierre Drugeon), Economic Theory, 2018 (link)

Optimal growth models with bounded or unbounded returns: a unifying approach (with Cuong Le Van), Journal of Economic Theory, 2002 (link)

Monotone concave operators: an application to the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the Bellman equation (with Cuong Le Van and Yannis Vailakis), working paper, 2008 (link)

On optimal growth models when the discount factor is near one or equal to one (with Cuong Le Van), International Journal of Economic Theory, 2006 (link)


On the existence of pairwise stable weighted networks (with Philippe Bich), working paper, 2018 (link)

General equilibrium, Optimal growth

Existence of competitive equilibrium in a non-optimal one-sector economy without conditions on the distorted marginal product of capital (with Bertrand Crettez), Mathematical Social Sciences, 2012 (link)

The discrete time version of the Romer model (with Cuong Le Van and Charles-Henri Dimaria), Economic Theory, 2002 (link)

Optimal growth with investment enhancing labor (with Bertrand Crettez and Naila Hayek),  Mathematical Social Sciences, 2017 (link)

Growth and insecure private property of capital (with Bertrand Crettez and Naila Hayek), Dynamic Games and Applications, 2019 (link)

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